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Genetic Diseases possible in Quarter Horses
Horse Teeth Development by Age
Timing and Rate of Skeletal Maturation in Horses

Blue Valentine
Red Man
Joe Hancock

AQHA Artificial Insemination Fact Sheet
Breeding and Foaling--Bayer Health Corporation Animal Health Division
Frozen vs. Cooled Semen

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Recommendations for Getting Ready for Breeding Season
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StallHion Service Agreement--WYO CHUCKKAR
Stallion Service Agreement--WYO ROAN ADVANTAGE
Pre-Approved Designated Veterinarians/Breeding Managers--
Arkansas--      Heartland Equine Medical Center, Inc.
Colorado--     Colorado State University CVM
                      Key Stallion Station
Mississippi--     Mississippi State University CVM
Oklahoma--    Sunlight Farm
                      McKey Equine Hospital
                      Oklahoma City Equine
Texas--           Heart of Texas Equine
Transporting Horses--
"Blue Valentine bred mares at Coyote Ridge Roans" Copyright photo 2008 Jennifer Keller
We have selected a concentration of genetics through Joe Hancock and Blue Valentine for the strength of hoof, limb, and mind.  Articles detailing the ancestors of our horses are offered below.  In addition, with the recent advancements in equine genetic health testing, we have moved our educational links to the top of this page.  We hope to place an emphasis on the ability to improve the genetic health of horses through testing for the inherited diseases.  All of the breeding stock at Coyote Ridge have been tested for all testable genetic diseases, to date, and results published by a link on each horse's name.